Why Methodify

Decision-makers need feedback quicker.

Free your research team to do the most important tasks
Automate the research process to provide quality insights faster to decision-makers
Take control of your research process
Business decision-makers get direct access to approved methods, advanced reporting and innovative research technology.

A method for every step in your advertising or product design process.




Finished Ad


Keep things moving. Stay agile. Get feedback on concepts in hours.

Whatever you're working on, we'll help spot the winner.

Marketing research for video ads

Video Ads

Marketing research for ads in print.

Print Ads

Discover which new product ideas your customers will be eager to use most.

New Products

Every pixel on a website page should be be used wisely.

Website Designs

Decide on packaging that will get noticed by your customers with Methodify

Packaging Designs

Marketing research for messaging that gets noticed.


Make sure your billboard ads will be seen.

Out of Home

Marketing Research for Product Naming

Product Names

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