About Methodify

The origin story of Methodify

Methodify is one of the leading automated market research platforms globally, specifically developed to automate the time consuming and expensive parts of the marketing research process. It was conceived while conducting repeated concept testing with Canada’s biggest bank. Methodfiy enabled them to do more consumer research faster, without compromising the quality of the feedback.

Methodify makes it easier and faster for companies to access crucial consumer insights at every phase of the product development and marketing process in order to help them make better business decisions. Taking it one step further, the platform was designed in a modular structure, enabling it to be customizable, giving companies consumer feedback to any kind of product, marketing or experiential question — even the ones they haven’t thought of yet.

Marketing research - rapid results in hours with Methodify
Delvinia - A Global Research Tech Company includes Methodify, AskingCanadians, AskingAmericans and CRIS

A History of Research Tech Innovation

This fits in perfectly with Delvinia’s mission of developing innovative ways to quickly gather consumer data and opinions, and to put that data to work. We have been pushing the envelope since 1998, consistently introducing a suite of solutions that help some of the most respected brands and organizations get essential consumer insight that influence their strategies.

Through AskingCanadians, Delvinia has a history of being a supplier of valuable data to the market research industry. This resource now fuels Methodify as well, ensuring top quality panels are always used. We also know how valuable it is to look beyond ourselves for great innovations, and are proud to incorporate many partners into the Methodify platform.