Measure awareness, association and resonance with in-market insights.

AdTrack Express

Awareness and association are fundamental elements in developing brand resonance.

AdTrack Express can help optimise your brand's creative and media investments with in-market customer feedback and normative targets across key success benchmarks.

You'll have full results in as little as 24 hours, neatly packaged and presented through your Methodify dashboard.


Your final report will measure:

  • How your TV ad is performing
  • Whether it is breaking through and being recalled
  • If consumers are attributing the correct brand to the ad
  • How consumers are responding to the ad
Sample Breakdown:
  • N = 300 Gen Pop (ENG); French available
  • Age (census Gen Pop representative)
  • Gender (census Gen Pop representative)
  • Region (census Gen Pop representative)


Reporting example

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