This is what the future of market research looks like.

We deliver insights using robust research methods at every stage of the marketing process.

Quality Feedback From Real People

Quality feedback from real people.

Asking the mother of your sister’s colleague’s brother is a terrible market research strategy. We can help you learn what your consumers care about most.

Connect with your consumers.

Our methods connect you with millions of consumers through our panel partners, including Research For Good, AskingAmericans and AskingCanadians.

Audiences can be segmented using hundreds of variables allowing you to accurately define your audience and discover just how brilliant your ideas are.


Achieve quality feedback.

We deliver reliable, real-time feedback from your defined target audience in a matter of minutes, with completion and comprehensive reports available in as little as 24 hours.

Develop your campaign with confidence, knowing that your data is based on real insights from real consumers.


What's the benefit?

We help you identify your audience by providing access to millions of consumers using hundreds of variables.

When market research insight is based on quality feedback from real people, you can make decisions with confidence.


Industry-Proven Methods

Industry-proven methods.

Our industry-proven methods can help your business make better decisions. Select one of our standard methods or talk to us about adapting one your own for Methodify.

A platform for your existing method.

Has your team developed effective, industry-proven market research technology? Discover the benefits of automation by uploading it to our platform and pairing it with our panel that’s millions of consumers strong.


Or, use one of ours.

We use a combination of proprietary and partner-supported technologies to deliver the feedback you need, the way you need it. Some of the best minds in data collection are contributing to the evolution of Methodify with new partnerships added regularly.


What's the benefit?

Our comprehensive suite of customized and packaged market research methods give you the flexibility to choose the process that work best for you.

Major brands including BMO Harris Bank, P&G and RBC trust our methods to deliver valuable insights and make better business decisions. Your business can too.


All Your Research Data In One Place

All your research data in one place.

Is your data currently stored in the great abyss of your company’s file system?

We offer a single, accessible, intuitive home for your insights so you can conduct research, search, visualize, download or integrate your data and reports all in one place.

A new home for your research and insights.

Methodify not only features robust market research tools, it's also an easily accessible, secure home for your insights.

Conduct market research and search, visualize, download or integrate your data and reports all right here, in Methodify.


We’re a welcoming bunch.

Methodify is friendly, and will make your existing data and insights feel right at home, meaning you can upload and access data created other platforms.

All your research in one place, no matter where it was created. Now that's convenience, that's research the way you need it.


What's the benefit?

Our platform gives you quick, secure access to your market research data and reports no matter where you’ve collected it. Use it to start making better business decisions today.


Methodify it today!

We want to transform how you do your market research. We’ll get you the insights you need to make important business decisions in just hours instead of weeks.