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Choose your target audience

Choose your target audience

Our platform of market research products can help power your most important business decisions.

Creative testing
Ad & Concept Testing

Pre-market campaign testing gives you real-time feedback from the customers you most want to reach.

Product Design
Product Design

Does your product excite your users and meet their needs? Test features and gather feedback from real consumers.

Branding strategy
Branding Strategy

Our market research insights are campaign-ready; use them to inform your creative and branding strategies.

Pricing Strategy
Price Strategies

We can help you reach your target audience and determine the ideal pricing strategy for your product.

User Experience
User Experience

Intuitive and engaging? Useful and enjoyable? Discover UX flaws in less than a day so you can refine and retest.

How Methodify works. Hint: It's a kind of magic.

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A research solution for almost every marketing challenge.

Choose your target audience

Define your target audience to achieve relevant feedback.

Upload your creative assets

Upload your creative assets

Add your images, video and other content assets.

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Watch feedback in real-time with full results in as little as 24 hours.

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